YouTube removes 2 more channels with North Korean content

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YouTube has done it again.

Two channels which featured content about North Korea have been removed from the video-streaming service, according to a report.

The removal comes less than two months after YouTube blocked North Korea’s state television channel, Korean Central Television.

One of the two latest terminated channels, “Pozdro z KRLD, ” featured travel videos to North Korea, and belonged to a Polish national living in Japan.

“My whole channel was first suspended on…Sunday evening”, Emil Truszkowski told news blog NK News .

What happens when you try to access one of Emil’s videos

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“After around eight hours I found out that the channel is not “suspended” anymore. It get terminated, ” he said.

Truszkowski added that he had not received any prior warning.

“It got abruptly banned without any explain. I was get a lot of subscribers lately then suddenly it got deleted, ” he told Mashable .

His channel also did not contain any copyright material which might have led to its suspension.

“Channel had no problems with copyrights. I’m quite active in the DPRK related community here in Japan[ where] the topic of North Korea is very sensitive. Perhaps I get reported by someone in Japan? I honestly don’t know. I was just making travelling videos with my friends and family, ” he said.

The other channel, owned by Vietnamese citizens Vu Nam Phuong, depicted hundreds of self-made and duplicated state media recordings. It was also shut earlier this month.

“YouTube deleted my channel on 17 January with a message that the content[ was] not suitable for the community”, said Vu.

Vu added that over 350 videos had been deleted from his channel.

As of now, it is unclear why the videos have been removed.

“Google didn’t provide any justification and is ignoring my requests for comment in Japan, ” added Truszkowski.

Mashable has reached out to YouTube for comment.

YouTube had in December last year blocked Pyongyang’s main channel used for news broadcasts.

Reports indicated then that the Korean Central Television could have been blocked because it earned ad revenue on its videos, infringing U.S. sanctions on funnelling income to the hermit state.

Google had declined to comment on advertising dollars at the time, but said that YouTube “disables accounts that violate our words of service or community guidelines, and when we are required by law to do so.”

Last year, U.K. YouTuber Louis Cole faced backlash for showcasing what appeared to be enthusiastic travel videos featuring North Korea.

Several channels featuring North Korean content such as Uriminzokkiri and Toponmail still remain on YouTube for now.

Update: Jan. 25, 2017, 11:04 a.m. SGT This story has been updated with Emil Truskowski’s quotes

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