What are the most popular K-Food among young people ?

See our youtuber’s survey result
( 2389 answers on 23 May 2019 )


Hi, I’m Elixene from Dalious, Today i’m going to tell you about a poll I
conducted to know which K-Food products Young European people
appreciate the most.

As you know, Korea currently attracts numerous people for its Kpop music,
dramas,movies, fashion, and unique cuisine and culture. We chose several
categories for the poll.

Here are the top 5 products, as voted by the public!

In the “Ready to eat” category, the winner is instant noodles,
followed by tteok-bokki, kimchi, snacks, and dried seaweed.

In the “Korean dish” category, bibimbap came in first, followed
by Korean BBQ, Korean fried chicken, jjajangmyeon (noodles in a black
bean sauce), and finally kimchi-fried rice.

What about the Street food category winner?
It’s gimbap, a thicker and richer sushi lookalike. Next come Korean hot
dogs, pajeon (a vegetable, seafood or kimchi pancake), odeng (fish
paste) and mandu, which are Korean ravioli.

Love drinks and alcohol?
The most popular beverage is soju. In second place are yoghurt and milk
drinks; Korean tea is at number 3, followed by omija drinks, and plant

To top it all, the sauces. Number one is soy sauce, number two is
gochujang (a very popular red pepper paste), number three is ssamjang
(a spicy soy paste with sesame oil, garlic and green onions), number four
is black pepper sauce and number five doenjang sauce.

The final category is dessert, with fish-shaped waffles at number 1,
Korean ice creams at number two, gyeongdan (sweet rice cakes) at number
three, hotteok (Korean pancakes) at number four and last but not least
bingsu, made of shaved ice, fruits and sweets. Our online poll was conducted
on a sample of 2389 young people between 13 and 24 years old and loves Korea,
therefore making them potential buyers who can’t wait to have their
favorite products on their supermarket shelves.

You can taste some of these products during K-Food
fair on 14 June 2019. Thank you for watching this video and see you at
K-Food Fair 2019 in Paris !


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