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To celebrate the new hotel venture, Wasing has commissioned five short films with soundtracks from artists connected to the Berkshire estate.

The films feature Maayan Avratz and Trinity Perkins, two great friends, who met at Wasing at the Wider Horizons Festival in 2019. Not only has Wasing been notable for tying hundreds of knots, and celebrating wonderful weddings, but it has also been the birthplace of many solid relationships. The Wasing team wanted the films to reflect that, as well as show the deep connection to nature and heritage that has meant so much to so many people.

“Coming back to Wasing has meant so much,” says Avratz. “This place has so much meaning for me, having attended a number of incredible events here, so the opportunity to try out the new hotel was too good to be true!”. Perkins agrees, adding: “Yes. We live in different cities now, but Wasing has brought us together again.”. The two friends are filmed cycling through Wasing woods, rowing in Staghead lake, foraging for mushrooms and chestnuts, having the woodland BBQ that is so unique to Wasing as well as enjoying dinner in the Stables Lodge. “I knew the standard of the accommodation was next level but had no idea about the food, I was simply blown away by it. I think the hotel is going to be a great success,” says Avratz.

Music was provided by Nick Mulvey, the renown folk singer, whose song ‘Begin Again’ was part written in the woods at Wasing for the Wider Horizons event where Trinity and Maayan met. Nick, who was one of the headliners of Medicine Festival, wrote the song inspired by the work of Mac Macartney at Embercombe, and details the ancestral connection between different generations.

It is a song that resonates deeply with everyone at Wasing and with the connections sparked, made, and grown from the magic on the estate. “All of us come from generations of ancestors and who knows what connections they had and made in those days,” says singer songwriter Mulvey, who adds: “And who knows what results these connections at Wasing will have in the future.” The song details our deepest connection, not separation from nature. “Wasing is inspirational in that respect, with its ancient woodland, and landscapes, and the nature that surrounds its beautiful parkland.”

Other artists include Sophie Barker, of Zero 7 fame, and Wasing’s very own Lily Norris-Dugdale. The hotel opens December 2nd.

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