Tug McGraw Brain Food Garden- 2018 Spring Kick-off Party

On Thursday, March 29th, Veterans Home of California – Yountville residents together with Calvet employees attended, the Tug McGraw Foundation Brain Food Garden kick-off party. Resident, Arauna did her smoothie demonstration and her recipe cards were handed out with a sample tasting. TMF, CEO, Jennifer spoke about Arauna‚Äôs battle with brain cancer and how her focus on eating organic, healthy, fresh foods without preservatives has made a huge difference in her health. She went on to share some fun facts about various plants/veggies and the impact it can have on your brain health, sleeping patterns and overall wellness. Josh, the Home’s PIO and Team McGraw introduced the Team Depot project and gave an overview of the kitchens that will be installed and how the garden can be a big part of a healthy lifestyle. Guests were given raffle tickets for a Bullet Blender and they snacked on freshly picked carrots, brussel sprouts and celery, while the BBQ pizzas were being prepared.

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