The Salt Lick: The 4 Hour Queue For Beef Ribs

How long does y’all wait in line today be 40-pin you know no sense evil hello dummies Kid Dynamite checking in here we’re here at the Salt Lick one of the more upscale barbecue places better than most the places I go usually a place as I eat they had like mosquito netting there’s like cigarettes in the food so I’m just honestly pretty happy to be here in general apparently people are waiting in line for up to three and a half hours just to get some barbecue is it worth it let’s find out so typically there’s like a long line to get in here right alling is actually are you totally sick of the food I’m totally sick of you hate the food I don’t hate once you smell that smell about a thousand times yeah yeah I have heard that from a lot of women in my life unfortunately usually I have trouble meeting women but I think I just nailed it a showgirl I think was kind of into it man I gotta say you’re probably the coolest shuttle girls ever met I’ve met a lot of them you’ve met a large shuttle crews yeah really flock the barbecue I’m just you know happy to meet somebody you know okay what does the deal with the girl driving the shuttle I thought it was doing well with her and it was a turn out to be a complete disaster it’s like they want to keep you physically safe but emotionally they don’t care at all your honor I mean it’s really no it’s not funny so you guys are here at the Salt Lick what are you most looking forward to trying okay some people have to wait here for like three hours what do you guys do in the past the time we are drink you’re drinking beer what’s your favorite kind of beer you like shiner ruby red burg you enjoy your food and get your act together how long have you owned this place my grandparents bought this place in 1902 and there’s a right down the road about two miles and my great-grandmother homestead in 1980 so you have had Texas roots here for a very long yeah Texas barbecue is a social event it’s not just a meal we consider this the biggest backyard barbecue in Texas okay what are you most known for food wise here it’s not bragging a Bobby place and us miss Marcal together after the depot you know other people talk about you know my foods better than yours I’m the best their luck is we don’t judge it that way just how happy you are when you leave so what are we working with here so we had that beef rib that I talked about earlier they said that the grapes take on the flavor of hollyrock Norville Norville thank you and hear a word you just said because I bit into that and went forgot English the radiant heat and smoke caramelizes the sauce on the outside and then some of it drips down and hits the coals and flares like a barbecue pit and comes back it’s another flavor I gotta say worth the wait thank you happily coming back for that how’d I get this job I just show up and I eat beef and drink beer and talk to people it’s like it’s pretty nice X well we’re all fans what you’re all about it so little with that that is really good thank you this is so good I gotta be honest I’m glad you enjoy

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