The ‘Lil Mama Crying’ meme is perfect for all of life’s ups and downs

Lil Mama, the creative genius who gave us the 2008 masterpiece “Lipgloss” and a former host of MTV phenomenon America’s Best Dance Crew , is now officially a meme.

Back in 2011, the hip-hop artist is available on Power 105.1 ‘s The Breakfast Show , a morning radio program whose hostsgrilled about her career. She eventually violated into tears in talking about releasing her album when she was 17, as her mama was dying of cancerdefinitely a hard moment to swallow.

But fast forward to today, and Lil Mama’s tears have turned into a hilarious punchline. On the Internet , nothing is ever too old or too sensitive to remix for viral magic. Just take a look at the similar crying Selena Gomez memeor Demi Lovato’s “twin sister” Poot, allegedly locked in a cellar for years( not really, it’s simply a bad photo of Lovato ).

The Twitter account @LilMamaCrying has explosion in popularity, amassing virtually 22,000 adherents since its first tweet on Nov. 21. And damn, this content is savage.

But lest you feel bad about Lil Mama’s misfortune , note that she posted one of these memes to her own Instagram account. It’s not as brutal as some of the gags from the Twitter, but at the least she’s is conscious that she’s getting meme-ified and playing along.

This isn’t the 26 -year-old’s introduction to the Wild Wild Web and its humor. Exhibit A 😀 TAG 13 TT

Lil Mama was also totally in on the #sausagemovement rap craze that swept the youth earlier this year, releasing a saucy singletitled “Sausage.” Eggs, bacon, grits, sausage, and Mama in the kitchen.

So we can hope that Lil Mama is taking the new meme with some good humor. Because really, that face is perfect for some of life’s darnedest moments. The Mama meme might not be cool, but it sure is poppin’ on the Internet.

Check out the rest of the Lil Mama Crying memesfor yourself, butbe forewarned: you’ll be in tears just like her from laughing so hard.

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