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The FOOD VIDEO | Tree-house-Northern-Lights Tour

While food per se may not be the biggest highlight of the tour, the FOOD EXPERIENCE was definitely like no other! The ladies were caught by surprise when they were served lunch at the back of the tour van, by the roadside -yep, they ate lunch as cars fleeted by. Then there’s the “bread-on-a-stick”, which they barbecued on their own over bonfire. And who would have thought that bbq chicken drums would taste so good outdoors in the cold,after a snowshoe trip! The secret is -EVERYTHING eaten outdoors in the cold tastes EXTRA GOOOOD! Other food included hot banana with melted chocolate -a lil messy to eat but tasted so good. There’s also the Norwegian breakfast platter, home-cooked Norwegian meals, Norwegian classic prawn sandwich, icy watermelon and lotsa chocolates in between, simply because it was Easter and it’s not Easter in Norway without chocolates and candy!

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