The Best& Worst Foods To Eat At Any Fourth Of July BBQ

Ah, July 4th: a time in America where our differences are put aside( until we get belligerently drunk) so we can chug beer, wear actually questionable American flag garb, listen to Kid Rock, and set things on fire/ explosion anything in sight as a show of respect for our founding fathers. Navigating a barbecue when it is necessary to your diet, of course, is nothing if not explosive and dangerous. I entail, how are you supposed to know whats actually good for you and what will probably construct you gain five pounds instantly? Weve rounded up the five most effective and five worst foods youll find at the barbecue this weekend, so, youre welcome for ensuring “youre staying” skinnies in your American flag bikini.

BEST: 1. Watermelon

Wanna stay hydrated while destroying things in Americas name? Best get you some watermelon. Not merely does it have like, zero calories, but itll maintain you feeling and seeming great( consider: not bloated) while your brother tries to blow his thumbs off with firecrackers.

2. Grilled Chicken Wings

Note all three terms in that nameGRILLED being the main one. If your host is hurling wings on the grill, opt for salt and pepper over a dunk in some sauce. Itll be essentially the same as regular grilled chicken, but you can still feel cute eating it sans the shit on your face and hands.

3. Water

Our boring friend water saves the day again. Obviously youll be was intended to hit up the bar, but chugging a few bottles of water between your snacks and drinks will keep you from diving into the macaroni salad or brownie tray. Plus, defining off fireworks and nearly losing fingers is depleting, so like, be hydrated.

4. Fruit

Shit, there should be platters of those blueberry and strawberry kebabs celebrating the land of our ancestors all over and self-respecting July 4th barbecue. Fill up on all this shit before the real food even comes out since were talking super limited calories but lots of fiber. Same regulations apply for the crudits plate that’s otherwise getting no love. Take advantage of the situation and load up on the earths bounty, bitch.

5. On The Rocks

Skip the brew and the mixed shit and set everything on the rocks if you dont want to be bloaty and farty on July 5th. Instead of your typical 300 -plus-calorie margarita, pour some tequila over ice with a splash of lime( or, if you’re like me, a whole bunch of limes ). If youre feeling rum or vodka, put it over ice with some fruit cubes you can steal from the fruit platter everyone is ignoring. Thomas Jefferson would have done the same shit.

WORST: 1. Fried Chicken

As we said during Memorial Day: Anything thats coated in buttermilk, flour, butter, and spices and or some combo of that shit and then deep fried isnt going to do you any favors when you step on the scale tomorrow. We understand that America was wholly founded on life, autonomy, and the right to be obese, but trust each other when we say no one wants to grease dripping down your torso while you’re standing there in a bikini.

2. Potato Salad

Benjamin Franklin wouldnt have feed this shit, so you shouldnt either. If you find a mayo-coated potato salad, just say no. If for some reason youre dying to be a fatass craving carbs, eat ONE hamburger bun or like, be annonying and make your host nuke a potato for you in the microwave for 6-8 minutes( the poor man’s baked potato ). Potatoes have been on our shit list for a very long time, so adding the word salad to the end does not make it any better.

3. Beer

The summer barbecue is not the place to show off your shot-gunning abilities. Beer will bloat you, patently. Although, if you need the beer to numb your feelings, opt for a light one. Grab a Coors Light or a Corona over the dark Guinness or Amber Ales. Who TF even brings Guinness to a July 4th party, though? You should call Immigration on them.

4. Ranch

I am convinced that ranch was conceived by adversaries of AMERICA and given to us in its endeavour to induce everyone so fat that they literally cant opposed a war. Whoever did introduce is winning, too( the south will never rise again ). A one-quarter cupwhich you could easily eat if youre standing and dunking every piece of celery into this shitweighs in at 220 calories and 22 grams of fat. Ditch this shit immediately.

5. Hot Dogs

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: hot dog are fucking disgusting and they should not go anywhere near your mouth. They are made up of “poultry trimmings” aka mystery meats and filler plus water and corn syrup. Why is there corn syrup in your dinner meat? These are questions you should never have to ask. On top of that, all those chemicals in hot dog could give you cancer. Even if you can’t think that long term, all that sodiuma Hebrew National will cost you 1,223 mg, AND THAT’S THE 97% FAT FREE KINDwill definitely build you bloat. I know hot dogs are like, the cornerstone of America, but I think they are also held accountable for at the least half of all the issues that currently plague our nation. Namely obesity. Just don’t do it.

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