The Best Bridal Favors To Devote Your Guests* Betches

For some reason, the tradition of giving gifts to people that attend your bridal has become, like, a thing. Weird flex, but okay. Like, the issue was my big special day. You should be giving eternal thanks that you’re allowed to experience such a significant event with me. Give me fund and a free honeymoon, then GTFO. Because it’s v important to be the best at everything, it’s become a contest( to me, anyway) as to who can give the best bridal favors. Here’s a listing of the best bridal favors for your guests to take home as swag on your big day.

1. Boxes Of Dessert

Maybe you had a dessert bar with six different cookies or a personal pie bar or a s’mores bar. Whatever it is–even if it’s literally candy in pretty glass containers–add some grab bag and boxes and, holy sh* t, what a FANTASTIC favor. I’m going to give myself diabetes feeing all of this in the Uber back to the hotel. Everyone loves dessert. Package that sh* t up and give it away as a gift. Your guests will love you for it and it’s literally so easy.

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2. Jam Or Honey

Bonus points if it’s a local jam or if great aunt Jane packaged up the honey from her bees and separately labeled those jars till her thumbs hemorrhaged. Jams and honey are the best wedding favors because a) they serve an actual purpose and b) you are able to have your stupid monogram on the lid or bottle and nobody will care or feel the need to throw it away because, hello, there’s good honey or jam in that container. Everyone wins.

Wedding Favors Unlimited- Organic Strawberry Jam Personalized Wedding Favors

3. Tiny Bottles Of Booze

I don’t feel like I need to explain this one. Everyone loves booze. They can put it in their coffee the next day, or they can save it in their drawer desk at work. They can even stash it in their handbag or pocket and pull it out sometime in the future when they really require a pick-me-up. This is a GREAT gift.

Blackwell’s Wine and Spirits- BULLEIT BOURBON WHISKEY 10 X 50 ML BOTTLES

4. Hangover Kits

I wish I’d given these away at my wedding instead of trail mix. When you have an open bar for four to six hours, sweaty dancing, and adrenaline, you’re going to be dealing with a few hangovers. Having a little kit complete with analgesics, lip balm for crusty hangover lips, bandages for mystery wounds, bottles of water, gum for bad morning breath, vitamin C packets, and eye fells will construct you everyone’s favorite hostess as they ride the struggle bus the morning after your wedding.

Pinch Provisions 6-Piece Rose Hangover Kit

5. Candles

Who doesn’t f* cking love candles?

Wedding Favors Unlimited Personalized Floral Garden Square Candle Tins

6. Plants

If they’re anything like you, your guests is very likely ignore this and kill it after a week, but having a succulent or bloom to take home from a wedding is totes adorbs. Again, all these plants are probably destined to die, be left in taxis, or thrown into a bin in the hotel room, but, they’re still cute.

Etsy Mini Herb Plant Wedding Favor

7. Maple Syrup

This fits in the same category with jam and honey and works ESPECIALLY well if you’re getting married in a sh* tty, frozen tundra like Canada or Vermont( jk but srsly ). People will probably use it on their all-you-can-eat waffles at the hotel the next morning while they’re are seeking to swallow down the hangover puking. Yay! It’s a favor with a practical use, fam.

World Market Mini Maple Leaf Syrup Bottle

8. Spice Blends

Again, practicality wins. Everyone likes spice blends, even if they don’t cook. Perhaps the groom’s mom’s garam masala mixture is good on everything and demands being bottled into tiny jars and given to guests. Or, maybe you only feel like everyone needs a little cinnamon sugar nutmeg blend in their life. Who wouldn’t want to bring that sh* t home?

Etsy- BBQ Rubs

9. Drink Kits

If you haven’t insured these tiny carry-on drinking kits, find them and order them all. These will go to excellent use for your guests–especially if you’re having a destination bridal. While they are in a position lean a bit on the expensive side, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime the possibilities for you to prove how nice and generous you are.

W& P MAS-CARRYKIT-MM Carry on Cocktail Kit

Images: Zeno Aras/ Unsplash; Wedding Favor Unlimited; Amazon; Etsy/ Macaron Box; Blackwell’s Wine and Spirits; Sur La Table; Etsy/ Mini Herb Favor; Wedding Favors Unlimited/ Candles; Etsy/ BBQ Rubs; World Market

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