Thai April 2017 workshop

The Art of Wedding Cinema Workshop, Thailand April 9th-16th 2017

Wedding Cinema Academy is proud to announce the first workshop of 2017. It will take place on the beautiful Island of Phuket, Thailand. You will only need to arrange your flights and we will take of the rest from the minute you land, you will be greeted at the airport and transferred to your hotel, where you can relax for the first day/evening of the 9th of April.
Monday the 10th breakfast will be provided at your hotel, then the mini bus will pick you up at 9.30am and take you to our brand new training facility only 10 minutes away from your hotel, where you will be greeted by our staff and we will get the training underway at 10am.

The first day will consist of classroom based training where Madiow and myself will take you through our essential kit through to advanced kit, the fundamentals of camera operation, the language of film, lighting, composition, camera movement, creative techniques and the rules of film making, we will then head to the beach where we will film a real couple and show you how we create our sequences and you are welcome to bring your own cameras to get footage for your own showreels.

We will be finished around 7pm and transportation will be provided to take you to your hotel to relax for the evening.
Breakfast will be served at the hotel then you will be picked up from your hotel at 9.30 am again and taken to the studio and the training will commence at 10am, the topics include: how best to shoot each segment of the day, Audio capture and post production, Pricing, Marketing, and we will finish off with live shooting of an interview showing you lighting and interview techniques. We should be finished around 6-7pm and the minibus will take you back to the hotel for you to relax for the evening.
The day will start with breakfast at your hotel and the minibus will pick you up at 9.30am and training will commence at 10am. This day will be all about the edit, we will show you all of our secrets, how we construct our trailers and dissect an entire 20 minute feature edit explaining how we use time shifting and what transitions work best for this style of film. We will finish around 5pm and you will be transferred back to your hotel to freshen up and have some food. The minibus will pick you up at 7.30 pm and take us on a camping trip in the nearby province of Phang Na, where we will be camping out for the night.

We will show you how best to capture an astrolapse have some traditional thai BBQ food and share stories around the camp fire! We will not be getting much sleep as we will be waking up to capture a sunrise time lapse also utilising ‘flo motion’ technique combining time lapses from 3 different cameras.
We will head off shortly after sunrise and the mini bus will drop you off back at your hotel for you to rest for the morning/afternoon.

The minibus will pick you up at 5pm and head straight to Patong where we will be celebrating Songkran, which is the biggest watertight on the planet, you will be equipped with a machine gun water canon and we will do battle whilst going on a bar crawl down the world famous “Bangla Road’.
This day is the last of the organised trips, the minibus will pick you up at 10.30 and take you to the beach where you will be taken on a 44ft yacht on a trip around the Island, food and drink will be provided and you can go snorkelling, fishing or just catch some rays. The boat will return just after sunset and the minibus will take you to your hotel.
On the last two days you are free to explore the Island and on day 8 the minibuses will be on hand to take you to the airport.

Please make sure you arrive on the Island on the 9th of April and book your flight off the Island on the 17th of April.

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