The Salt Lick: The 4 Hour Queue For Beef Ribs

How long does y’all wait in line today be 40-pin you know no sense evil hello dummies Kid Dynamite checking in here we’re here at the Salt Lick one of the more upscale barbecue places better than most the places I go usually a place as I eat they had like mosquito netting there’s like […]

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15 Lazy Person Stories That Will Make You Realise How Unlazy You Really Are

We all think we’re the laziest of the lazy, right? Because to you, what you do seems horrendously lazy. After you read some of these stories from particularly lazy Reddit people, you will probably realise your life choices have actually been relatively smart. That, or you’ll realise you’re worse than these guys and are incredibly, […]

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He Picked Every Topping Possible And Built The Biggest McDonald’s Burger…Ever

googletag.cmd.push( function() googletag.display( ‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’ ); ); Someone actually did it…and he’s a hero for it. Moshe Tamssot, a Chicago resident, was poking around on McDonald’s latest advancement in fast food technology — the “Create Your Taste” kiosk — when he discovered he could add a whopping 10 pieces of bacon to his hamburger! Wanting to […]

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