Lawsuit: SeaWorld Tried to Spin Blackfish as Good for Business

When Willie Nelson canceled a performance at SeaWorld Orlando, the theme park’s executives are reportedly the last to know. ” This whole fucking thing piss me off ,” Fred Jacobs, then SeaWorld’s VP of corporate communications, fumed in a Dec. 3, 2013 email. ” What relentless amateurism we’ve shown in booking these fucking people and […]

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Why people stay in the path of a deadly hurricane

University of North Florida students pack in front of their dormitory as they evacuate because of of preparing for Hurricane Matthew, on Oct. 6. The warnings about Hurricane Matthew’s potential impact on Florida could hardly be more dire. The Category 4 storm has already smashed Haiti and the Bahamas, killing at least 264 people in […]

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My journeys in Trumpland

Two years on the campaign trail exposed an America forgotten in the bicoastal media bubble, leaving our novelist unsurprised when Hillary Clinton was beaten Sixty million Americans voted for Donald Trump, each for their own reasons. Some were simply angry or afraid. Others were bored, indifferent to all the outrage directed at their nominee, eager […]

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