One rural Indigenous community on what ‘Invasion Day’ means to them

In Australia, the date of Jan. 26 goes by many names. “Australia Day” is what you might hear in media and on Tv. But for many people, Indigenous or otherwise, it also goes by “Invasion Day” or “Survival Day” and it’s often called the “Day of Mourning.” Marking the beginning of colonialism and the culture […]

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Watch: Dude sends his droning to a local BBQ to pick up his lunch

A “sausage sizzle” is a paragon of Australia’s culture identity .Image: SCOTT LEWIS /flickr So unjust. An Australian man faces a huge penalty after utilizing his droning to fly to a local hardware store to pick up a sausage sandwich. SEE ALSO: Australia offers ‘democracy sausages’ to Americans in their hour of want Drone footage […]

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Is this video of a bird lunging a serpent at a auto wind shield for real?

Road tripping through Australia? Better wind those windows up, if this video from YouTube channel Dash Cam Owners Australia is anything to go by. Submitted by a ‘Joanne’ and apparently shot near Wivenhoe Dam in Queensland, the video was uploaded to the channel’s Facebook page, entertaining thousands of viewers in the last few hours alone. […]

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