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Summer Schedules
– PLEASE be early as a leader
– We start at 9:15
– Be consistent and available for guests
– Plan out your teaching schedule

Ice Cream Social – Sunday Night @ 6pm
– In the Bridge – bring some Homemade Ice cream

Men’s Golf Scramble – Tues, June 8th @ 6pm
– $10/person – Includes Food & Cart

4th of July Sunday
– Outdoor service at Pioneer Park
– No Sunday School
– Service, BBQ, Park, & City Pool

Explore the Bible – June 6 – Job 1:8-22

Last Week: Finished up Luke – Jesus commissioning His disciples to share the gospel.

This Week: The book of Job – Believers show the depth of their faith in adversity.

– Wisdom Literature of Scripture: Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, & Song of Solomon
– 7 weeks in Job, 6 weeks in Ecclesiastes
– JOB: unknown author, very old story
– Occurred during the time of Abraham in the land of Uz (Probably East Jordan)
– Job was a man of integrity who feared God and shunned evil (Job 1:1)
– Main Purpose: How God’s people should deal with pain & suffering
– Spiritual exchange between God & Satan about Job

Opening Question: ?? What is the most difficult challenge you have faced, and how did that situation reveal the source of your trust ??
– Living overseas
– Trusting God to give us what we needed

READ Job 1:8-12
?? What makes Job blameless & upright ??
– He fears God & shuns evil
– He looks to God for what is good and knows that he’s not perfect (making sacrifices for sins – 1:5)
– He seeks God’s mercy & forgiveness

?? Where did Job’s suffering come from ??
– God is the one who brings up Job to Satan
– God is in complete control of Job’s situation
– Satan wants to make Job miserable to prove that Job selfishly loves God
– Satan is the accuser, adversary, and slanderer
– Satan only wants to bring down the things of God & His people by accusing (pulling God away from us) and tempting (pulling us away from God)
– The only way Satan can thwart God’s purposes is to attack the godly righteousness of His people

?? What does it mean that God “put a hedge” around Job ??
– God was protecting him
– God allows suffering by moving the hedge of protection
– See Job 1:12; & 2:6 – God defines the boundaries

?? What is Satan’s hypothesis ??
– If God removes Job’s blessings, then Job will hate God
– He believes that Job only loves what God gives to him

?? Why do you love and follow the Lord ??
– Do you seek Him for what He gives you?
– Or do you love Him for who He is? – Holy Creator

READ Job 1:13-19
?? What all was taken from Job ??
– His animals and servants
– Oxen, donkeys, sheep, camels, & workers
– All of his children
– In four separate freak events – raids & natural disasters

?? Can you imagine what Job could have been thinking and feeling at this moment ??
– Complete tragedy and loss
– Despair, heart ache,

?? Did Job know the reason for these events ??
– He was unaware of the exchange between God and Satan
– Things happen around us and to us that we don’t understand
– It doesn’t mean that God isn’t in control

READ Job 1:20-22
?? How did Job respond ??
– He was utterly devastated
– He tore his clothes and shaved his head
– He worshiped God

?? How did Job worship God ??
– By acknowledging that God could do what He wants
– His faith was not dependent on what God gave to him
– He still loved God even though this was a devastating event

?? Was there any blame in Job’s words ??
– Job didn’t blame anyone
– Not God, not his spouse, not Satan, not himself
– Blaming others doesn’t accomplish anything

?? How do we deal with tragedies of this magnitude ??
– Hold fast to our faith in God
– Realize that God knows best & we don’t have to understand
– Trust Him for the final outcome
– Seek His glory, righteousness, & His Kingdom

Believers show the depth of their faith in adversity.

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