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This laid back Friday I found myself at the Windermere Farmer’s Market here in Central Florida and I had the absolute pleasure to speak with Chris, the owner of “Smoke Showin’ BBQ” which features a wide variety of pure and natural seasonings, dehydrated fruits and SO MUCH MORE!

I was very impressed with not only what she had to offer, but also on how well informed she was on her products and the need that she fulfills for a consumer like myself who lives the lifestyle of eating clean food. She is truly a blessing from above and I insist that we all support the good work that she is doing to keep us all healthy in a market that is otherwise hooked into a profit first mentality and is not caring about how long our life is but merely how long the shelf life is in this chemically saturated poisons that dominate the shelves of our supermarkets!

Thank you so much Chris, we will be back again to fully support your efforts! God bless you!

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