SITV 5.14.19

Mandarin: 这个星期四是骑单车上学日。骑车上学会让你有一份好性情,也有益于我们的环境保护。
Cantonese: 如果星期四你骑单车放学,你可以不穿校服. before School there will be valet bike parking and snacks in the Orradre Courtyard. Gei jv dai tou kuai tong mai siu sum dee.
Together: Here’s an announcement from Surf Club.

Russian: Hi SI! Bring your tupperware to the student center tomorrow May 15th during break and fill your food containers completely for free, courtesy of Mr. Joo’s psych class as an effort to reduce school waste. The containers can be no bigger than 24 ounces. This is a one time opportunity, so don’t miss out!

French (DANTE): Voila, C’est l’information pour le Community service club
Here’s an announcement from the community service class

Spanish: Students from Mr. Joo’s neuroscience class will be holding a school-wide trash competition this Wednesday and Thursday between upper and lower classmen. After each lunch, the amount of individual pieces of litter left behind in the Commons will be counted.

Los estudiantes de la clase de neurociencia del Sr. Joo realizarán una competencia de basura en toda la escuela este miércoles y jueves entre los alumnos de clase alta y baja. Después de cada almuerzo, se contará la cantidad de piezas individuales de basura que (c)uedan en los Comunes.

Tagalog: At the end of the two days, either the upper or lower classmen, depending on which lunch has the smallest amount of litter, will be a prize of SI Pride Day the following week.

Pagkalipas ng dalawang araw, alinman sa upper lunch o lower lunch, depende sa kung aling lunch ay may pinakamaliit na halaga ng mga basura, ay magkakaroon ng premyong SI Pride Day sa susunod na linggo.

Vietnamese: Want to eat free Korean BBQ? Come to McGucken Hall this Thursday after school. Check your email for directions on how to actually get there.

French (GABBY): Oh la la C’est l’information pour le Sophomore class council
Here’s an announcement from Sophomore Class Council

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