Seven Truly Terrifying Horror Movies Hitting The Cinema This Summer

Summer is here( practically) and what better style to celebrate than to scare yourself senseless ?

Aside from being BBQ, beach and bikini season, the summer months ensure the release of the biggest blockbusters, and horror flicks are no exception..

Check out seven that we’re particularly looking forward to here 😛 TAGEND

The Conjuring 2

Paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren head to North London to deal with “the English Amityville” in The Conjuring 2. There, they finda single mother’s four children being haunted, possessed and tormented by malevolent spirits living in their house, and while at first, this seems like any of their other disturbing cases, Lorraine speedily realises that all isn’t quite as it seems….

Starring Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson, The Conjuring 2 is based onthe true narrative of The Enfield Poltergeist, which was investigated by the Warrens in 1977.

When the trailer for this seemingly spooky sequel first made the web, horror fans promptly lauded it as one of the scariest ever … Ensure if you agree with that qualification 😛 TAGEND The Conjuring 2 reaches UK screens on the 13 th June .

Green Room

On their way out of the white supremacist bar that they( while pretty hungover) agreed to play at, a punk band stumbles upon the murder of a young girl. The neo-Nazis responsible for this don’t exactly want any witnesses, and so- to avoid being killed too- the band barricade themselves into the titular Green Room , and try and figure out a style to escape.

Standing in their route? A murderous Patrick Stewart, along with henchman armed with big puppies and various sharp objects … This indie horror is violent, tense and very gory. Check out a trailer here 😛 TAGEND Green Room makes UK screens on the 13 th May .


Dan Pringle’s kickstarter money horroris classically gruesome. Starring newcomer Ziad Abaza, it sees a revengeful kebab shop owner finda pretty unique route to replenish his dwindling meat stock.

It’s gory, it’s clever and it blends bloody horror and thrills with a clever commentary on English drink culture. You’ll never want to eat a kebab again…

K-Shop will be in UK cinemas and available to download from July 2016.

The Shallows

The Shallows considers Blake Lively assaulted by a great white shark and stranded on a boulder, 200 feet away from the shore. Can she out-swim a hungry shark? Likely not. But withno one around to save her- and no help on the way- if she wants to survive, thenit’s up to her to find a way back onto dry land..

While thislooks more like a thriller than a traditional horror, it should be fast-paced enough to really get your blood pumping .. And, if nothing else, we’re intrigued to see how The Shallows willmeasure up to the great shark cinemas that have come before it. Will it be the new Jaws ? Watch the trailer, and choose 😛 TAGEND The Shallows hits UK screens on the 12 th August .

Lights Out

Based on an award-winning short movie, Suns Out find its characters haunted by an entity that’s only visible when the lightings are turned off…If you’ve got two minutes to spare, you can watch the original( very scary) movie here 😛 TAGEND

In the new, full-length version, Teresa Palmer plays a woman wholinks this horrible haunting to “something really bad” that happened to a childhood friend…

Check out a trailer, and see what you think 😛 TAGEND

Lights Out makes UK screens on the 19 th August


Based on a popular Stephen King novel, Cell imagines what is essentially a zombie apocalypse, caused by a “pulse” that turns everyone using a phone into a violent, vicious killer.. John Cusackplays a survivor, determined to attain his style across New England, and reunite with his young son( who he’s hoping is still human ).

Joining him are Samuel L. Jackson and Isabelle Furhman: both playingfellow survivors that join Cusack’s character on his perilous journey home.We don’t know if this will be a horror or more of a thriller( and we can’t tell from the trailer ), but either way, we’re fairly excited..

Cell makes UK screens on the 26 th August .

The Darkness

Kevin Bacon and Jennifer Morrison take their kids on holiday to the Grand Canyon, and bring something back with them that’s a lot more sinister than just souvenirs … It seems that they’ve disturbed some kind of ancient, supernatural force-out, whichhas taken up mansion in their pre-teen son.

As far as the plot goes , The Darkness doesn’t look as if it’ll be breaking any new ground, but if it turns out to be actually, nail-bitingly scary, then who cares? Check out a trailer here 😛 TAGEND The Darkness hits UK screens on the 13 th May . Which one are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments !

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