Quit Smoking | 10 Foods Will Help You to stop smoking

How To Quit Smoking | 10 Foods Will Help You

how to make someone stop smoking. Because it’s a very bad habits. Do you know the effects of cigarette smoking?

We should make our friend stop smoking. Because its cause of many disease like stoma, throat cancer, laryngeal implant, hole in throat & Lungs cancer.
Tell your friend don’t be inspired from smoking commercial & smoking ad.
Can take advice and Tips From Former Smokers.
Some foods help to out nicotine from body like vitamin C & beta carotene.
smoking during pregnancy is more dangerous for baby.
smoking kills.

كيفية الاقلاع عن التدخين

Com deixar de fumar


Sådan Rygestop

Comment faire pour arrêter de fumer

Πώς να σταματήσουν το κάπνισμα
איך להפסיק לעשן

Cara Berhenti Merokok

Come smettere di fumare

Bagaimana Untuk Berhenti Merokok

Jak rzucić palenie

Como parar de fumar

Как бросить курить

Cómo dejar de fumar

Sigarayı bırakmak için nasıl

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Quit Smoking | 10 Foods Will Help You to stop smoking

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