Pulled Jackfruit Recipe – 6 Ingredient BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich

My friend hybrids itsem and today I’m gonna make my favorite six ingredient pulled jackfruit you know what I think of when I think of barbecue fruit yeah I know the doc now if you are new to jackfruit jackfruit is actually a fruit it’s this enormous fruit that grows on trees it’s got this kind of weird skin and it has a little yellow pod things it’s a pretty cool fruit and when you eat it ripe it’s actually quite sweet and delicious but when you eat it young and green it is savory and starchy so it’s really cool cuz you got a lot of play there now one of the coolest things about jackfruit is that when you cook it as a young the green jackfruit it kind of like pulls apart and has these little like fibrous strands and it looks and tastes just like pulled pork ya know the pigs are pretty happy about that one so obviously it’s a lot healthier because it’s a fruit but it’s also super easy to prepare super delicious I have brought this to barbecues before and fed it to meat-eaters and carnivores and vegetarians and vegans and everyone loves it there’s never a scrap left and everyone thinks it’s meat which is kind of funny it’s one of those fun recipes I love pulling out of my hat and serving to like the most anti vegan people cuz it always blows people’s minds duh licious now you guys actually voted for this recipe on instagram I did a little pull and you voted for watch the video you wanted me to make next which was super fun so I’m gonna do and for next week’s video so if you want to join these on that poll follow me on Instagram and it doesn’t taste like chicken and you can vote for next week’s video fun all right so let’s get make it month 6 ingredient pulled jackfruit now the first thing you’re going to need for this recipe is jackfruit I know shocking you’re shocked so when you are looking up for a jackfruit you want to make sure to get the young green jackfruit in brine or in water do not get the red jackford in syrup it’s a totally different thing it won’t work it’ll be gross and sweet and not good at all it won’t get this cool stringy texture I’m lucky enough that my local grocery store carries this in the Asian section but if not you could try a Asian or Indian grocery store and I’ll be there or above the link down below where you can order it off of Amazon open them and drain them and rinse them a bit this is what it looks like I know it’s kind of bizarro looking but that’s what it is what can I tell you you can see there’s some pieces that are already pulling apart like cold pork ugly piece the jackfruit has this kind of core area and then there’s this fibrous top so what you want to do is cut up the core area and keep as much as the 5 are–but at the top so slice up along the core it’s hard to hold a camera and chop at the same time and this way you’ll get the best texture possible so my jackfruit is all chopped up and then let’s hop over to the stove now and start cooking up this jackfruit alright let’s turn this sucker on to medium-high heat and add a tablespoon of olive oil and if you know me the first thing we’re gonna do is saute some garlic and onions because what else do you do so when the oil is hot add your sliced onions and garlic and once they have started to brown add in the dip fruit yeah and now add in 1/4 cup of vegetable broth or water and cover it up a vegetable broth obviously has a little bit more flavor so that’ll be better but honestly it’s only a quarter cup so water will be at just fine so now this cover just let it cook for eight to ten minutes until the jackfruit has softened all right love it so after you cook it it’ll look something like this I know it does not look a very exciting yet trust me on this so you just wanna make sure it’s nice and tender now and now this is the trick take a potato masher and mash this up though they do since Aiko never actually see that movie so just representing pop culture you just lightly mashed it it’s gonna break apart all of those little pieces and become pulled and stranded stranded it’s not gonna be stranded stranded on a desert island and it’s gonna get that pulled amazing texture yeah go watch it if you’re finding it this is hard to do just put the lid back on and come here for a couple of more minutes it just means it’s not tender enough yet but crazy it looks so cool it really looks kind of meaty and weird so at this point kind of lands so we needed to take it to the next level are you ready for the next level can you handle the next level let’s begin let’s start the next level so grab yourself a large baking sheet and let’s pop all of this jackfruit on the baking sheet not wasting any of this precious goodness let’s spread that out and then take some BBQ sauce and pour it all over and now just mix it up a little spread that barbecue sauce in there snappy oh and don’t just pop it in the oven to bake it so it’s really important to put it in the oven to bake because this is gonna dry it out of it it’s gonna cook that barbecue sauce in it’s gonna get sticky and delicious and it’s really gonna be what takes it from kind of squidgy to amazing delicious gorgeous texture yes so do it bake it delicious I made this part McHugh sauce it’s the recipe from my cookbook my favorite bvq sauce but you can definitely buy a store bought barbecue sauce if you prefer just check the ingredients because some barbecue sauces contain a honey or fish I know weird so I pulled my jackfruit out of the oven I love when I cook it until some little biscuit even a little bit burnt and find it really makes the texture pretty cool and then just to kind of remoisten it up again I add another little bit of barbecue sauce and stir that in and now it’s all done and ready to serve I’m service up as a sandwich but really you can do whatever you want with this pulled jackfruit you could throw it in a burrito on a taco other places that you might want to put it to rubber piling up a generous serving of this jackfruit and then I made just a quick little coleslaw I’m gonna pop on top you definitely don’t have to do that if you don’t want to pickles however you want to serve this up is the way you should serve it up yeah did you see that did you see how good that look isn’t that crazy can I just remind you this is a fruit so cool this is good to be messy are you ready let’s take a bite there over the way this is serious stuff going in for more super super duper delish you are someone who loves a barbecue I highly recommend you try this recipe so yummy so satisfying I love it so exciting yeah if you give this recipe a try and let me know how it turns out in the comments below I hope you love it as much as I do I hope you enjoyed this video and if you do be sure to let me know by leaving a like and don’t forget to subscribe for another fuss free vegan video next Wednesday I’ll see you next time oh hello there I could use my breath

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