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he Omica BBQ grill is designed for a serious griller. You might think no tabletop grill can possibly take the place of a full-size barbecue. Barbecuing with the lid down traps the heat and helps cook at extremely high temperatures for sizzling juicy steaks like Bistecca alla Fiorentina. Something for every meat eaters bucket list.

Add some speciality woods – (we prefer a little oak with some applewood), close the lid and infuse your cook with amazing smokey flavours previously only posible on expensive Komado style grills.

Designed with an inverted ‘V’ shaped burner diffuser, the Omica Grill keeps direct flames away from the food and reduces the chances of internal flames damaging the food. Once used a few times, the diffuser becomes black and coated acting as a charcoal layer to enhance the cooking process and further flavour your food with a natural coal, smell and taste.

Can sit safely on any table or surface. Complete portability. Especially nice for those who don’t want a large free-standing BBQ cluttering up thier garden or patio.

Instant heat control

The Omica has a unique double skinned body, meaning that the outside rarely heats up above safe touching temperatures for normal BBQ grilling.

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