multi-functional griddle,electric grill indoor,bbq griddle pan cheap china suppler

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multi-functional griddle,electric grill indoor,bbq griddle pan cheap china suppler

For indoor and outdoor use.
New barbecue concept.
Barbecue in your kitchen: cooks without smoke and odor.
Aluminium body with spray protection.
Stainless steel tray.
Grid with non-stick coating free of PFOA.
Grid with handle protected by silicone. 2 positions: meat / fish.
Totally detachable.
“Long life” shielded resistance.
Surface: 40 x 26 cm.
Removable cable cord.
On switch.
Voltage 220-240 V.
Power 1800-2200 W.
We are a professional manufacturer of kitchen appliance with more than 10 years experience.
Main Product: Electric Griddle,Electric Skillet,Electric grill and hot pot
Quality Comparable To Global First Brands,
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