Let’s Mop This Butt! – Pulled Pork on the LSG Smoker

Smoking a pork butt is a great way to get started in BBQ. It’s a large & forgiving piece of meat that you really can’t mess up. Sit back, give yourself 8 – 10 hours and enjoy the process. Slow smoking a large cut of meat at around 225 degrees is a great way to really get to know your smoker & to develop a cooking process that works for you.

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Recommended Grills:
Hunsaker drum smokers
Kamado Joe ceramic grills
Lone Star Grillz offset smokers aka stick burners
MAK Grills pellet smokers
Pit Barrel Cooker drum smokers
Weber Grills kettle grills & gassers

Recommended Accessories:
BBQ Guru temperature control fans
FireBoard thermometer
ThermoWorks thermometers

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