KFC’s New Southern-Inspired Chicken Flavor Will Make BBQ Lovers So, So Happy

There’s no such thing as an inopportune time to indulge in some convenience food, so when a new friedchicken flavor reaches the scene, obviously you needto grab a plate of your own immediately if not sooner. Take KFC’s Smoky Mountain BBQ Chicken, for example. This newdish hitsstores July 31 and offers a glimpse of what barbecues of the heavens are like, so it’s safe to say you might want to rethink your lunch options for today.


This flavor blends tastesfrom Memphis and the Carolinas to accompany KFC’s Extra Crispy Chicken and sweet( yet smoky) BBQ sauce. It’s an merger of savors, and they’re all fantastic, so there’s no need to choose between sweet or spicy chicken. Thank you for your inventiveness, KFC. This is one dilemma you’ve so graciously squared away for all BBQ chicken fans who can’t decide what to order.

But before you get too excited and trench that salad you stored in the company fridge, this dish is now at its exam phase. The limited-time Smoky Mountain BBQ Chicken is currently only available in select stores across Indianapolis, Chicago, and Pittsburgh. If this optionis a crowd-pleaser and let’s face it, why wouldn’t it be? it’ll make its way tostores across the country.


There’s no denying that BBQ is definitely having a moment, especially with drinks, believe it or not. Who would’ve thought that coffee would go well with a slice of beef jerky? Well believe it: Starbucks’ latest offering, Pepper Nitro ,comes complete with a beef jerky skewer, so you are able to kickstart the morning right.

But that’s not all. Cocktails are getting the smoky, spicy BBQ therapy, and plainly no summertime outing is complete without a treat like the Jack and Coke float, right?

Though you might have to wait before for confirmation that the KFC dish is being released nationwide, there are other ways to satiated that BBQ fix you’ve been craving. Maintain the faith, folks.

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