July 15th 2020 4AM Portland, OR Trumps Federal ICE Agents Attack Peaceful Protesters

Shortly before 4AM July 15th 2020 ICE agents attacked protesters on SW 3rd & Madison. Protesters were being passive & peaceful. A BBQ was setup serving food. People in tents were asleep. With no warning & no provocation the Agentsl goons decided to attack. They made no arrests & cleared no barricades. They simply came to attack , tear gas & flash-bangs as many people as they could. Then they went back into the federal building.

Earlier in the morning a smaller squad of ICE agents was chanced off by protesters peacefully. This 2nd group of Marshals came out shortly after. Their attitude suggested they did not like the first group being beaten so they were sent in to “Teach everyone a lesson.” That was their SOLE goal, to inflict pain. End of the video you see the agents throwing tear gas at the tents & BBQ in the park, for no reason. They were not clearing the park. They were not being attacked by sleeping people. They simply wanted to gas the tents….They are trying all shady government tactic to dominate the Portland Protesters trying to break them when all they are doing is galvanizing them further.

The Black Lives Matter protest in Portland, OR has become the front line of the resistance on the West Coast. Trump has ordered his federal goons into Portland to “Take care of the situation.” This video prove that they are nothing but jack-booted thugs like the Nazi when they were in power. These are NOT Portland citizens. THESE are men loyal to Trump & willing to execute any order given to them by the Head of Customs & Border Patrol that Trump sent to take charge. Same Border Patrol that has been putting children in cages the last few years…..so you can imagine the playbook that guy uses.

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