It Looks Like A Regular Toolbox, But Wait Until You Open It Up Whoa!

Even if you have your own grill in your backyard, sometimes a change of scenery can be nice.

And with summer right around the corner, BBQ season is about to be in full swing. But what’s a grill enthusiast to do if you’re heading to the park or beach and there’s no barbecue to be found? Obviously, most grills are fairly cumbersome to carry around, so bringing yours along is all but out of the question…

That is up to now !

Become the hero of your next barbecue with this…toolbox?

Think again! This incognito grill comes complete with a stainless steel grill, fuel tray for charcoal, a warming rack…and it all folds neatly inside this tiny container.

Check out how easily it unfolds and turns into an amazing grill.

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Thanks to the charcoal tray, this bad boy can perfectly cook up everything from steaks to veggies.

The barbecue-in-a-box expenses $120 and is perfect for a trip to the beach, park, or wherever you’d like to get your grilling done.

( via Laughing Squid)

Head over to Suck UK if you want to order this one-of-a-kind item. A portable grill will come in handier than you might expect.

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