How to Make Any Food Taste Smoky

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Yes, you can smoke meat at home! And no, you don’t have to set your house on fire. You also don’t need a smoker. Here are four methods to achieve smoky goodness at home!

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Written & Directed by Andong

Camera & Editing by Eypee Kaamiño

Research & Production Support by Grace Phan-Nguyen

0:00 Intro
1:12 History of Smoking
1:58 Simple Science of Smoke
3:15 Context of Smoking
4:06 Govee Sponsorship
5:23 Cooking Smoky Burgers 4 Ways
6:11 Liquid Smoke
6:56 Smoked Salt
8:18 Cold Smoking
9:42 Taste Test
10:49 Hot Smoking

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