He Picked Every Topping Possible And Built The Biggest McDonald’s Burger…Ever

Someone actually did it…and he’s a hero for it.

Moshe Tamssot, a Chicago resident, was poking around on McDonald’s latest advancement in fast food technology — the “Create Your Taste” kiosk — when he discovered he could add a whopping 10 pieces of bacon to his hamburger!

Wanting to know simply how far he could take the build-a-burger kiosk, he decided to add 10 pieces of every topping available to his “Big Max” burger. But the biggest astound came when the cashier first tried to ring up the order and the total read $890.80. The confused employee decided to check with a director before recognizing also that due to a pricing bug, the system had added hundreds of dollars for the different types of cheeses he’d selected.

The final total for the Big Max? Just $ 24.89, which could be the bargain of the century when you consider this monstrosity — that “mustve been” carried on two trays, by the way.

Wait’ll you see how much it weighed…

For those wondering, this tower of beef, cheese, bacon, pickles, salad ingredients, and sauce contained 10 slicings of American cheese, 10 slicings of sharp white cheddar cheese, 10 slices of pepper jack cheese, 10 pieces of bacon, 10 x pickles, 10 x red onions, 10 x guacamole, 10 x tortilla strips, 10 x lettuce, 10 x tomatoes, 10 x jalapenos, 10 x grilled onions, 10 x grilled mushrooms, 10 x mac special sauce, 10 x mayo, 5x spicy mayo, 10 x sweet BBQ sauce, 10 x creamy garlic sauce, 10 x mustard, and of course … 10 x ketchup. Can’t forget about the ketchup!

But best of all is the large Diet Coke he added to his order at the end.

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