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Help us make this year’s event a success!

Support for Grassroots Event: Addressing the Opioid Crisis in Northern Ontario

With so many members of our community impacted by the opioid crisis, alcohol abuse and mental health challenges, we saw an opportunity to offer an alternative model of community health. One which focuses on prevention, connection and recovery. We have achieved success by providing opportunities to allow the community to be heard and seen in a way that facilitates unity and pride instead of the familiar model of isolation and shame surrounding mental health and addictions. ​

Our Five Cent City: Summer Event, invites us to connect and engage with one another socially while providing opportunities to support, encourage and educate each other in a safe and welcoming space while promoting pride in our community.​

This intention is promoted through multiple engaging approaches offered throughout an exciting social event and include:​

⦁ Performances: by a collection of the city’s top athletes and entertainers including DJ’s, musical acts and our world-renowned Slam Dunk Champion. ​

⦁ Community speeches: allows for a wide range and scope of opportunities to share information and stories. People with a variety of perspectives have an opportunity to speak, ask questions, connect and be heard. ​ Speaches come from a wide range of experts including; local health services providing information, people currently struggling with addiction and mental health challenges, and friends and family members who recently lost a loved one to overdose and suicide.  

⦁ Mural painted on site: offering the opportunity for the community to participate and connect. (mural to be completed at this summer’s event) ​

⦁ On site community health services: offering information and answer questions, engaging, listening and learning from the public to help influence future strategies. ​

⦁ Basketball tournament/competitions: 3 on 3 tournament, dunk contest and shootout contest​

⦁ Refreshments: BBQ, pizza and snacks available throughout the day​

⦁ A take-home commemorative card: with a diverse collection of help services printed on the back is given to each person in attendance along with

⦁ A Five Cent City bracelet: memento promoting unity

⦁ Interactive and networking opportunities: a chance to socialize and meet with others who have overcome similar challenges while offering support and encouragement. ​


You are all invited to join us in making this summer’s event a success! ​
By clicking the DONATE NOW button and making a contribution you are taking action to support this alternative wellness model and you help us reach and connect with more people in our community. ​

Five Cent City is a grassroots organization without any outside funding sources. Our organization aspires to use the success of our model to inform and inspire others to take action and build their own community based support strategies.​

100 percent of donations will be used to fund this year’s: Five Cent City Summer Event

Some costs include: ​

⦁ Insurance, city permits and other location costs​
⦁ Rentals: audio and P.A equipment, tents, tables, public seating and transportation​
⦁ Portable toilets and handwashing stations​
⦁ Generator and power supply​
⦁ Basketball nets​
⦁ Design and printing costs of information handouts, posters, banners, flyers and t-shirts​
⦁ Paint and mural completion costs​
⦁ Refreshments (food/beverage)
⦁ Volunteer t-shirts ​
⦁ Honorarium for local Indigenous drum circle and Elders on site for opening ceremonies ​
⦁ Honorarium for photographers, security, DJ’s, hosts and performers

We are grateful for your support.

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