FCK _ Pilot Episode TWO

Food, football and banter. What the FCK’s not to like?

Welcome to the the second of two pilot episodes of FCK. Two tasty warm ups ahead of a main series starting alongside the 2019/20 footy season in August – and we want your input. Join the FCK Army and have your say. What challenges do you want the squad to do? What dishes do you want them to knock up? And, when do YOU want to join us to talk all things football?

WE WANT YOU. Join the FCK army today #FCKfood

In our second pilot episode of FCK, we’re back in the studio with Norwich City legend and FCK gaffer Darren Eadie and his squad of merry men and a woman.

Jake is back with the headlines and it’s all about Liverpool v Spurs in Madrid on Saturday. Both qualified for the knockout stages through their groups on goal difference. Both needed a result in their final group game and WOW. Not a single football fan, let alone supporters of either of these sides, will ever forget the incredible drama produced against Barcelona and Ajax.

Liverpool are the perennial bottlers. Managed by Jurgen Klopp a man who has reached 3 European cup finals with both Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool and has lost them all – and for Spurs, well, we all know what Spursy means. Jake concludes the news by asking the question on everyones lips, could this be the first ever European final where both sides are destined to lose?

Big Slice, the most FCK’d up pizza delivery boy south of the Watford Gap, is back to explain the lawsuit that lead him to be called Big Slice and the lads go head to head in a cross city challenge before freezing their nuts off knocking up a BBQ on Eastbourne Beach. FCK ‘Unsigned’ artist, Erica Cody, plays out the show.

That concludes the two pilot episodes of FCK. We hope to be back at the start of the 2019/20 football season with more food, football and banter. In the meantime, we’ve got a load of ‘Extra Time’ social content coming up. Puddi delivers his first ‘Good Puddi Guide’ and our fittest squad members, Jamie, Malik and Jake are off to the first ever UEFA Nations League Finals in Portugal.

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