Experts Release Warning About Drunk German Wasps With A Particularly Nasty Sting

People are being advised to keep an eye out for a German variety of wasps called’ yellowjackets’ that not only have a more angry sting than traditional wasps- but they’re not afraid to use it .

The little employee wasps have finished their undertaking, detecting food for their queen wasp, so an expert has revealed that this new loss of purpose means they’re going to be stinging people all over the shop.

They’re also likely to have been feeding on fermented fruit, so are also probably a bit drunk as well as angry.

German wasps are largerthan normal wasps, and have a brighter yellow colour, but are smaller than hornets. They have three black places on their face( but I wouldn’t get that close to look if I were you ), and can sting repeatedly. And they will. Because wasps are bastards.

Pest controller Paul Bates said 😛 TAGEND

The type of wasp causing most problems is the German wasp which gives a particularly painful sting despite its size.

Worker wasps have finished their lifes work as queen wasps have stopped laying and dont want food bringing to them . This means that the workers are free got to go and enjoy themselves which includes stealing meat from the barbecue . There will also be drunk wasps around who have been feasting on fermented fruit and will be extra bold .

All this means that the wasps are likely to sting for no reason and they are now at their most dangerous.’

Wow, doesn’t that only get you right in the mood for a BBQ? Basically, what Paul here is trying to say is that you should definitely run from all wasps ever.

Well actually, his official advice was: The advice is to stay calm around the wasps.If you agitate them, they send messages to other wasps that they are under assault and you can end up dealing with a swarm.

A swarm. A swarm of drunk angry wasps. Just think about that for a second.

Thanks for the wasps, Germany. Really appreciate it.

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