Chipotle BBQ & Jalapeno Lime at HEB

Cue the drumroll, please �… Introducing two newcomers to our grain free line of flavor-forward chips: JALAPEÑO LIME and CHIPOTLE BBQ!⁠

Lime-lovers will rejoice in the homage to our classic lime tortilla chips, mixed with our love for all things jalapeño-y, to create Grain Free Jalapeño Lime Tortilla Chips. Margarita and guac fans, we challenge you: try to resist a chip made with this flavor-profile!⁠

And, for those who become nostalgic at the words “barbecue,” “cook-out,” and “carne asada,” our Grain Free Chipotle BBQ Chips are for you––if we close our eyes while eating these chips, we can imagine the weekend breeze in our hair, and the soft crackle of food on the backyard grill.⁠

Now rolling out exclusively in @heb stores across Texas! Look for them in the Gluten Free aisle with the rest of our chips, or available in Whole Foods nationwide, and online at starting January 2020.

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