Brasero – BBQ Meat Table Warmer. THE ORIGINAL, Made in Argentina. Deluxe Enameled Finish. Great For Home or Commercial Use.

PERFECT: for home or commercial use. Typically used in Argentinean Asado (BBQ) to keep the food warm, with no need to go to the grill over and over.

USE: Raise the lid, add some lit coals and keep the food warm as if was just taken out from grill. Prfect heat distribution, keeps the food warm as much as you need.

DURABLE AND PRACTICAL: Made of double descaled iron sheets, with a deluxe black, with white speckles enameled finish. Side handles make it easy and safe to manage.

EASY CLEANING: Before handwash, let the Brasero get cold, to avoid damaging the enamel. Discard the coals and ashes in a proper way, and handwash it with soapy water. You may use a scrubber if needed, to remove dried or burnt food.

SIZE: Size: 9 3/4″ X 12″ X 4.5″ (25 X 30 X 12 Cm) – Made in Argentina

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