Best Nightlife in Koreatown

The best nightlife in Koreatown Los Angeles. There’s a lot of great places to grab food and drinks when you come to Koreatown. If you love the nightlife they have it all from karaoke bars to speakeasies. Located near Downtown LA Koreatown is one of the most diverse areas of Los Angeles. In fact, this area was once the heart of Golden Age Hollywood. Today there is a large Korean population that add to the rich diversity. K-Town has delicious Korean BBQ, Spas, Bubble tea, and fun things to do. So come with me as I give you the best places in Koreatown to enjoy the nightlife.

Places Covered:

Line Hotel
Home to some of the best spots in Koreatown. Starting at the Lobby bar you can grab a drink and bites with friends in their open seating plan. You can even get it started early with their happiest hours.

Also located in the Line Hotel, If you’ve ever dreamed of sipping a drink in a greenhouse then Openaire is for you. This beautiful rooftop restaurant bar is situated near the pool of the Line Hotel. I recommend getting a few appetizers as you test their cocktails. We got not your dad’s old fashioned, purple haze and shattered.

The 8th Notch
Where you can grab some beers and comfort food. The name is a throwback to the trains that used to maneuver throughout Los Angeles. The 8th notch is a train’s highest gear and fastest speed. This spot is not a super late-night bar it’s great for grabbing some food and drinks before you really start to party.

H Cafe
Prohibition-style they specialize in their brunch but you can have fun here anytime you come. They have a unique cocktail menu where you can infuse any drink with CBD. This is the future. We got the mac n cheese and a round of drinks. A cool place for a group of friends.

The Normandie Club
Located in the historic Normandie Hotel. This cocktail bar is the perfect date spot. It has mood lighting, large booths and the right level of music. Cozy up on the first or second date. You won’t be alone since it’s fun to people watch others on dates. We enjoyed the spritz, penicillin and old fashioned.

Apt 503
I usually cover bars but this club makes the list because of it’s cool aesthetic. You’ll feel like you’re in a cartoon with the cool design elements of this club. Go early and you should have no problem getting in. If you don’t feel like the clubbing just head to the back where they have a taco stand set up all night.

With all of the drinking on my list, you’re bound to get hungry. Shabuya is an all you can eat hot pot restaurant. You pick your broth and then enjoy a number of ingredients you can add-in. Don’t forget to grab a pitcher of beer when enjoying a meal with friends here.

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