Before You Recycle Them, Make One Of These 18 Adorable Tin Can Crafts

Tin cans home a great many delicious things: coffee grounds, savory soups, tasty veggies. But after you’re done with their contents, odds are you probably do little more than merely recycle the container. Sure, you might run crazy and use them to hold pencils or some loose change, but that’s about it.

Before you toss them into the recycling, though, have a look at these fun crafts. From the kid-friendly to the totally chic, you’re sure to find something that’ll fit in perfectly with your home.

1. Collect a few different sizes to make a simple wind chime.

2. You can also make this colorful version for your baby’s crib.

3. Add a little rustic charm to a side table with this lamp.

4. Mounted tin can tea lights add just a touch of romance to any room.

5. Line your walkway with these luminaries so no one trips at night.

6. Stuff cans with place settings for a picnic in the park or at the beach.

7. This wine rack looks like it was professionally made.

8. Having a buffet or backyard BBQ? Construct a cute utensil holder for the occasion.

9. Coffee cans help coordinate a small office space.

10. Maintain all your kid’s craft supplyings in order with the help of tin cans.

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11. No one will know this adorable planter is made from an old soup can!

12. Got a big, blank wall but no garden space? No problem.

13. You can also apply the same notion to this smaller version.

14. This pallet garden is perfect for a porch or mini backyard.

15. Never worry about knocking a beverage over that you set on the ground with these cute holders.

16. Your bathroom cabinets could always use some organizational help — and cans can do that!

17. Your kids might have cell phones, but nothing beats a good game of tin can telephone.

18. A simple game of tin can toss will keep your tots occupied for an afternoon.

I guess it’s time to start saving my cans — and excavate through my recycling bin to get the ones I’ve already discarded!

Which craft will you try first ?

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