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This is Wiley from learn to barbecue this week our super simple recipe is quick barbecue carnitas under pressure carnitas can be made from many different parts of the pig but we are using a pork shoulder or its other name a Boston butt so now on how we make it quick and why is it under pressure well we’ll be using a pressure cooker okay I’m sure people are already saying we don’t need no stinkin pressure cooker to do barbecue also I can see the low and slow mob coming down my street to burn down my smoker and grill in my defense there is a time when a pressure cooker can allow us to do things slow and low can never do and one thing that low and slow cannot do is barbecue carnitas in a total cooking time of two hours to learn more about pressure cookers check out America’s Test Kitchen YouTube channel and their video why chefs love pressure cookers or this cook we will need the following an electric pressure cooker a smoker or grill using wood chips the what I would prefer would be their Hickory or apple you will need a half size foil pan at least the three pound pork shoulder or Boston but I like using killer hogs the BBQ rub but use whatever rub you prefer you need one twenty eight ounce bottle of birhday salsa this is very important use ver de or green salsa do not use red salsa or will not taste right to large sweet onions two cloves of garlic and one 12-ounce bottle of Mexican beer here’s a time where you don’t want to go cheap now on to the cook we start with a just under 6 pound pork shoulder it is important to the shoulder be at least 3 pounds for this recipe to work first we remove all the extra fat a pressure cooker cannot render fat like a barbecue but you need some fat to flavor the meat for the sake of time I’m speeding this up but you can see all the steps required to trim the fat off this roast make sure your knife is very sharp but also take your time in the upper right you will see prep time and a time of 20 minutes as we go through this cook I will keep track of the total time so we can make sure we meet our time requirement of two hours in a normal barbecue cook we would leave the bone-in but in this case it’s just taking up space in the pressure cooker by cutting the meat into two inch chunks it allows us to cover more surface area with our rub it also allows the meat to cook evenly on the cooker when using the pressure cooker cook three pounds of meat at a time killer hogs makes a very good rub but I also recommend you try different rubs over time make sure the rub totally covers all the meat and that the rub stays in place now take one onion and cut it up remember the second onion is for later now take the two cloves of garlic and crush them I use the side of a knife but you could also use a garlic press if needed now add the onion and the garlic to the foil pan with the meat the pressure cooker has a removable pot and now you can take all the contents from the foil pan and transfer them to that pot now take your 12 valence BEC skin beer and add it to the pot so we can have the required two cups of liquid for the pressure cooker we need to add an another additional half a cup of water we now need to add one and a half cups of verde salsa to the pot now it is time to really cook put the pot into the pressure cooker pose the lid and lock now set the pressure cooker to high or on this particular unit to the meat button and set timer for 60 minutes now would be a great time to make sure the smoker our grill is ready to go I normally start preheating my smoker or grill about 15 minutes before the pressure cooker is done now that the meat is done it is time to put it back into the foil pan with me back in the pan you need to add liquid for the pot so the bottom of the pan is covered be careful not to add too much liquid now add the remainder of the ver day salsa into the pan get two forks and now shred the pork and mix it with the salsa now cut up that last onion and add it to the pan now for the last time mix everything up and get ready to take it to the smoker or grill smoker or grill should be preheated to 250 degrees Fahrenheit if your smoker has a smoke setting this is a great time to use it leave the pan uncovered so the liquid of the pan can absorb the smoke let pan sit in smoker or grill for at least 30 minutes at this time the liquid in the pan will be absorbed into the meat and your carnitas is ready to be served if you try this recipe we would love to have your feedback also please subscribe so we can notify you when our next recipe comes out also thanks for watching

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