An after hours guide for get the most out of Washington , D.C.

Taken just after sundown from the leading edge of the reflecting pool in Washington DC .
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You didn’t come to a new city to go to bed at 10 p.m.

You came to explore, live it up and try something new. To construct every hour count after the sunlight goes down in Washington , D.C ., you’ll need more than a listing of “the member states national” monuments.

Here’s where to run( and when) if your weekend hours are anything but 9 to 5.

5 p. m. The Twisted Horn

It’s time to head to the before c ocktails, also known as the pregame. Begin at Petworth’s new hot spot, the Twisted Horn. The drinking menu is short but delicious, with the kind of craft cocktails you’d expect and also a surprising wine list.

Bike chain chandeliers and perfectly placed cornets decorate this bar frequented by some of the best tastemakers in DC.

If you’re a gin and tonic person order the “Ideal Drink, ” a confluence of gin and vermouth accompanied by Marcona almonds. The details are what stimulate the Twisted Horn such a satisfying beginning.

7 p. m. The Dabney

A 15 -minute cab ride from Petworth to the Shaw neighborhood will take you to the dark, yet seducing, Blagden Alley. Seem for a series of open garage doorways that circle a cobblestone alley and you’ll be at the Dabney.

The food is cooked inside a fireside, the cornerstone of a kitchen crawling with cooks carefully preparing the foods that were foraged shortly before their appearance on your plate.

The ever-changing menu makes it difficult to predict the nightly offering, but fan favourites include toasty sweet potato rolls with pepper jelly, seed-crusted rockfish and seared scallops and bbq turnips.

9 p. m. Satellite Room

Satellite Room, smacking in the midst of the U Street neighborhood, is the perfect place to keep your buzz going and have dessert.

Follow the neon lights to the graffiti-covered terrace or stay inside and pander on the hipster diner decor. The ‘6 0s era furnishings call vintage, while the bartenders’ beards topic if you should actually be in a modern, industrial space with exposed light bulbs.

Satellite Room has taken the classic milkshake and induced it great for grownups. There’s the Vincent Vega, a vanilla and Bulleit bourbon mix named after John Travolta’s character in Pulp Fiction , or the A.C. Slater, an avocado and Jose Cuervo tequila combination to commemorate Mario Lopezs high school years in Saved by the Bell .

10 p. m. 9:30 Club

The 9: 30 Club, another U Street staple, is D.C. at its finest. The club has a rich history: Legends like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Radiohead graced this space, while new favourites, the Cold War Kids and Vance Joy, run the room now.

This is DC’s music mecca, an intimate space designed for music fans and newbies. The build doesn’t seem like much on the outside, but the inside is packed with people waiting for the excitement to begin. The floor is always sticky and you are able get up close and personal with a few strangers, but you’ll never be closer to these artists than at 9:30.

Embrace your rock and roll side and belt out that anthem you sing in the shower.

Check the schedule for acts and depict times.

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Midnight. The Wonderland Ballroom

After hitting some pretty iconic and swanky places, it’s time to take it down a notch and hit a dive for the after party.

Mostly residential homes in Columbia Heights surround the Wonderland Ballroom, but its fenced off picnic tables give it away instantly and there will be a big greeting( and line) at the door.

This place doesn’t get started until 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Order the rumored mystery shoot and take in quirky signs and memorabilia. The downstairs area allows for conversation, while the upstairs dancing floor is, well, another story. If ‘9 0s party is appeal, there’s lots of fun to be had. Or for a different vibe, head to our next location.

1 a. m. Chinese Disco

In the ‘7 0s and ‘8 0s, the young Georgetown elite would gather on weekends for an epic party at Day Lily, a Chinese Restaurant. Now, you can pay homage to that tradition by entering the elusive dance party at Chinese Disco in the preppy neighborhood.

This club has everything your late night alter ego is looking for: drinkings, loud music and lots of people having lots of fun. The mantra “go big or go home” comes to mind.

You can order a flight or a bucket of beers to offset the wait time at the bar. And for a break from dancing, try some of the bar games like shuffleboard or flip beaker at one of the long communal tables.

3 a. m. Amsterdam Falafelshop and Julia’s Empanadas

Reflect on your night as you step into the crowds of people on 18 th St. in Adams Morgan.

After burning your dinner off with everything that dancing, a late night chow down is in order. But these places close around 3 a.m ., so make sure to arrive a little before to get your order in .

The people watching is incredible here, but you came for a reason the street food. Amsterdam Falafelshop and Julia’s Empanadas are merely two of places you can choose from.

Amsterdam Falafelshop is fast and delicious. You can get your falafel in a bowl or as a sandwich and then cover your snack with loads of toppings. Julia’s Empanadas, meanwhile, is known as a late night spot for many reasons, but the enormous size of the empanadas devotes patrons a full second dinner right before bed.

If you choose to stay at Chinese Disco until close, dont worry move over to The Diner on 18 th street thats open 24 -hours. At 3am there are hoards of partygoers rehashing the details of their night.

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