American Legion Jack Henry Post 1 Park Walk Through

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American Legion Jack Henry Post 1 is the oldest Legion Post in Anchorage, AK founded in 1919. They have designated approximately 1/3 of an acre to be a park. And it is open to the public. It’s very picturesque and even has a small play area for the kids.
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(907) 252-5242 and (907) 205-4228
Welcome to our backyard. Jack Henry American Legion Post 1. 100 years old. Check out this park. I’m just going to walk around here a little bit and show you what a beautiful, relaxing place this is. It’s got history, that’s for sure.

I’m going to go over here and look at where the kids can play and hang out while you’re having lunch or dinner, or anything in between. There are some more tables with a view of an American flag. There’s the 40 and 8 hangar. And if you don’t know what that is, Google it. Pretty interesting. And then that’s the gazebo with the fire pit in it. And then as I pan around, you can see all the other tables that we have. I wish my camera was of a higher quality to show you exactly how beautiful it is.

And you see these little spots here with the license plates? Those are all from other legions. And check out this wall here. This is over a hundred years of collecting. Yes. Come on down, have lunch, enjoy the sun, talking, mingling six feet apart, and have food. Delicious, delicious barbecue.

(907) 205-4228
(907) 252-5242

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