Aldi | Sizzling Summer Campaign

Aldi needed a range of fun & eye-catching videos (linked to national food events like National BBQ Week & Wimbledon) for distribution across their UK social channels to engage with customers and drive excitement in their new ‘Sizzling Summer’ Specialbuy range. Working alongside the creative team at mobedia, we combined slow-motion and quirky soundtracks to produce a memorable range of videos.

Running over the whole summer season, the videos were marketed directly by Aldi, with the recipes drawing plenty of comments from hungry viewers! Shooting in bulk (but with a strategy) allowed Aldi to hold a catalogue of #SizzlingSummer videos for reactionary posts.

mobedia & Webber Shandwick

Creative Director
Gary Bannister-Simm

Paul Taylor

Adam Johnson & Webber Shandwick

Gary Bannister-Simm & Adam Johnson

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