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Alabama doesn’t always get its due on the map of U.S. barbecue. From the Carolinas to Memphis, pretty much everyone in Bama’s neighborhood has a bigger BBQ profile nationwide. But the Yellowhammer State does have one undeniable claim to barbecue fame: northern Alabama white sauce.

Like the state itself, this Alabama BBQ White Sauce is a bit of a barbecue outsider: a white mayonnaise concoction designed not for brisket or pork, but for regular ol’ chicken. In northern Alabama, the white sauce’s legacy is as complex as it is delicious. It’s now a staple in college football tailgates across the state and one that the Alabama Crimson Tide in particular can’t get enough of. So we traveled all over Alabama to get the scoop on this misunderstood sauce, starting with Bib Bob Gibson’s, the place that created it almost a century ago. Roll Tide!

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Big Bob Gibson BBQ:
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