9 Perfect Playlists For The 3 Types Of Parties You Need To Throw This Summer

All year long we look forward to the summer months. We say its the climate, but what were really looking forward to are the memories well create when the days are long and the sun reminds us whats really important. We spend more time with our friends and family, we play more, we remember to be people who enjoy the moment.

You can make this summer one youll always look back on by carving out time to create a few get-togethers for your friends. With a little extra work, you can throw your own version of these parties. Weve got the playlists and cocktails encompassed. Dont forget to save your snaps, these are moments youll want to remember.

A killer theme party

A fun theme party is one of the most memorable parties you can throw. The pictures of you and your friends in dorky costumes will live on forever. Set your own spin on it by making it a mad scientist topic where your guests mix their own drinkings in beakers. Or, scheme an 80 s horror themed party where people dress as stereotypical victims and villains of a bygone era and sip drinks from thrifted 80 s glasses.

The crucial detail here is a playlist that matches the specific theme, but is still fun to mingle and dance to. For a mad scientist party employ these hipster Halloween tunes. For an 80 s horror night, try this modern mixture thats reminiscent of the epoch. You can work in this throwback playlist for a lot of other themes.

An all-out hometown shindig

Nothing says summer like being outside. Theres no way you are able to let the whole season go by without assembling everyone for a day in the sunlight sipping on outdoor classics like strip and run nakeds. Fire up the grill and set up a corn pit game( or a series of lawn games that turn your event into the Lawn Olympics) or rent a projector( you can often do this free from the public library !) and screen a feel good movie. You can even use this event as an exclusive tailgate before you head to a baseball game or the other summer event.

For outdoor parties, youll want to keep it a little country — but not too twangy. Think Tom Petty& The Heartbreakers. Theres this fourth of July mix, this wonderful mix of singer-songwriters everyone recollects, and these Sun Record reaches.

A DIY upscale summer celebration

In the summer, you can hold a celebration that feels fancy on the cheap by using a background that feels special: a rooftop. Use your own or borrow a friends and hold the event under the stars. Youll have the best location ever, and all youll have to worry about is DIY-ing some awesome snacks and decorations.

For the drinks, complement the soft put with softer beverages: fruit mixed with vodka or bellinis. For the music, this playlist of Austin City Limits favs is high-brow enough to please your freshly upscale palates. You can also use softer cover versions of songs everyone is familiar with, or soft electronic music thats still fast enough to feel like party music.

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