40 Days Until Christmas!! Plan Your Next Christmas Vacation

Winter is coming, and it is the time to reunite the family and friends. Book now and plan your next Christmas getaway so you can have an unforgettable Holiday. Just imagine taking time for relaxation after getting up from soft memory mattresses, walking to the private balcony and enjoying some nice fragrance of roasted coffee in the morning, or taking a moment to taste some delightful beverages. Later on, you can have a great time in the fire pit when the sunsets. Roasting some S’mores, and taking a moment to relieve the stories you got.
You can IMPRESS your family by making a traditional wonderful Christmas dinner; using the fully-equipped kitchen of the house. This kitchen has everything you need: a fancy and spacious oven, fully functional stove, baking sheets, refrigerator, freezer, mini-fridge, and all cooking basics.
Even if you don’t feel like cooking, you can still enjoy an exquisite diner from the many restaurants located just a couple of miles away. Maybe you want some tasty Texas BBQ? You got where to choose here. Feeling like Mexican food? This place has lots of very nice Mexican restaurants some minutes away.
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