Why are so many of San Francisco’s black mothers and newborns dying?

In one of the wealthiest US cities, the racial disparity in birth outcomes is stark: Why isnt this sounding a bigger alarm? Jasmine Ball was barely five months pregnant with twins when the labor pains jolted through her lower body. Rushed to the hospital, the doctors told her that her cervix had dilated completely. There […]

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Fiery Titles

Reveal your logo, show title or event name with Fiery Titles! Just type your new text and watch it burn onto the screen quickly and easily. This template is great for cooking shows, BBQ contests, food truck night, or advertising restaurant openings. Replacing all text and logos is easy! FEATURES: • Full HD 1920×1080 • Master Color […]

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Oakland resident reports black firefighter to police during routine inspection

( CNN) An Oakland firefighter is at the center of the latest high-profile case of what appears to be racial profiling in the area. Because California wildfires have been devastating in recent years, Oakland Fire Fighters scour neighborhoods go looking for fuel, such as dead trees and brush, to help mitigate a potential disaster. The […]

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