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2018 Unveilings – Thank You

BHM family,
You have done it again. God has used you to encourage us, provide for the plans He has given us for 2019, and literally rescue kids. We are so grateful for your partnership. Love really does go beyond borders.
​Bucky Rogers


Song: “Great Are Your Lord (Live),” Bucky Rogers [download the full version at ]
Venues: Grace Management Group, The Mill, Red Bank Baptist Church, and Chattanooga Valley Baptist Church
Caterers: Capri’s Italian Restaurant (Boiling Springs), Red Bank Baptist Church, and Shuford’s BBQ
Worship: Bucky Rogers (vocals), Candace Bennett Hughes (piano and vocals), Andy Highlander (guitar)


If you haven’t been to a BHM Unveiling before, you may be wondering, “What is an Unveiling, anyway?”
There are 3 words we’d use to describe our unveiling:
1. The Unveiling is a night of Fellowship! Our founder, Bucky, loves Uganda and calls it home. We want to love on and encourage Bucky and the BHM staff during their time in the States so that we can send them back with renewed passion for God’s calling on their lives!
2. Food. We believe taste buds are a blessing from God, so we’re gonna use them!
3. Lastly, the Future. God has inspired an incredible dream for the ministries of Benjamin House! We want to share with you what God has already done in Uganda! And finally, we want to Unveil what God is molding the future of this ministry to be!

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