11 Of The Weirdest And Funniest Things That Have Happened In Sims

Sims is a great game. Sure, it’s lost some of the charm it had when it was created as a irony on the mundanity and consumerism of suburban life but, you know, it’s still fun .

It’s been going for years now so you would have assumed the programmers would have got everything right by now … you’d be wrong.

1. A delicacy in some countries. Probably France … they eat ponies, don’t they ?

2. Not only are newborns delicious, they’re machine washable ! 3. Don’t worry if your BBQ isn’t running …

4. They’re also great fun in water

5 . Don’t have a fish tank? Use the ocean !

6. But watch out for when they’re being born. The grim reaper hates that … 7. And here’s how they’re induced …

8. On a separate note, festive murder

9. Priorities

10. How a real pro paints

11. When you can’t look at your newborn but you have places to be

So yeah, looks like babies get the hard deal when it comes to sims.

Can you beat any of these weird Sims moments? Let us know in specific comments !

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